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Enerpac- W Series Metric Cassettes and Reducer Inserts 67kb

W8000 Series Metric Cassettes
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Model # Description Price
W8085M W8000 Hex Cassette, 85mm (Metric Only) $3,796.10
W8090M W8000 Hex Cassette, 90mm (Metric Only) $3,796.10
W8200 W8200 Hex Cassette, 2" $3,796.10
W8203 W8203 Hex Cassette, 2-3/16" $3,796.10
W8206 W8206 Hex Cassette, 2-3/8" $3,796.10
W8209 W8000 Hex Cassette, 65mm [2-9/16"] $3,796.10
W8212 W8000 Hex Cassette, 70mm [2-3/4"] $3,796.10
W8215 W8000 Hex Cassette, 75mm [2-15/16"] $3,796.10
W8302 W8000 Hex Cassette, 80mm [3-1/8"] $3,796.10
W8312 W8000 Hex Cassette, 95mm [3-3/4"] $3,796.10
W8315 Price on Request: W8000 Cassette, 100mm [3-15/16"] $3,796.10
W8402 W8000 Cassette, 105mm [4-1/8"] $3,796.10

W8000 Series Metric Cassettes



  • No tools are needed for changing the hexagon cassettes
  • Innovative, pinless wrench construction incorporates quickrelease cylinder and automatic crank engagement
  • Single 360° hydraulic swivel manifold complete with screw lock couplings increases wrench and hose manueverability


  • Cylinders and low profile cassettes have been engineered to give ultra slim, compact low clearance tooling with a small     nose radius
  • Robust design with minimal parts enables easy on-site maintenance without special tools
  • Nut sizes covered range from 1 1/8 - 6 1/8 inch (30 - 155 mm)
  • Optimized strength-to-weight ratio
  • Fast operation due to the large nut rotation per wrench cycle (30 degree rotation angle) and rapid return stroke


  • All wrenches are nickel-plated for excellent corrosion protection and improved durability in harsh environments
  • All wrenches are fitted with bronze bushings to ensure the ratchet will never seize in the sideplates, thus eliminating     costly repairs


  • Constant torque output provides high accuracy across the full stroke
  • In-line reaction foot ensures accuracy by reducing internal deflections

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