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Flow Control Valves
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Model # Description Price
NV-251 1/4" NPT M/F Needle Valve, 0-10K PSI $98.60
V-10 Auto-Damper Valve $163.20
V-152 Relief Valve $304.30
V-161 Sequence Valve $468.35
V-17 Check Valve $152.15
V-182F Shut Off Valve contact us
V-42 Pilot Operated Check Valve $661.30
V-66F Cyl. Load Hold. Valve, Fine-Metering $450.50
V-82 Needle Valve $147.90
V-8F Needle Valve, Fine Adjustment $228.65
V-9 Snubber Valve - New V-91 contact us

View product specifications for the Flow Control Valves.

Flow Control Valves
  • All valves are rated for 10.000 psi operating pressure
  • All valves feature NPTF porting to insure against leakage at rated pressure
  • All valves are painted, coated or plated for corrosion resistance
Needle Valve

V-82: To control cylinder speed. Can also be used as shut-off valve for temporary load holding. 3/8 NPTF female ports.

V-182: Same as V-82, but with 1/4 NPTF female ports. Also suitable for gauge snubbing (also V-82).

V-8F: Like V-82, but with very fine metering for precise flow control.

Not recommended as shut-off valve.

Snubber Valve

V-9: Infinitely adjustable for metering oil out of a gauge to prevent snapping of gauge pointer when load or pressure is suddenly released. Also suitable as shut-off valve to protect the gauge during high cycling applications. 1/2 NPTF male and female threads for use with GA-1, GA-2 or GA-4 gauge adaptors.

Auto Damper Valve

V-10: To be used when gauge pressure must be monitored during high cycle applications. Creates a flow resistance when load is released suddenly. No adjustments are necessary. 1/2 NPTF male and female threads for use with GA-1, GA-2 or GA-4 gauge adaptors.

Check Valve

V-17: Ruggedly built to resist shock and operate with low pressure drop. Closes smoothly without pounding. 3/8 NPTF female ports.

Pilot Operated Check Valve

V-42: Can be mounted at the cylinder to hold the load in case of system pressure loss. Normally used with double acting cylinders where pilot port receives pressure from a Tee-fitting in the cylinder retract line. 3/8 NPTF female ports. Pilot pressure ratio 14% (6,5:1).

Manually operated check Valve

V-66: Used for load holding applications with single and double acting cylinders. Valve is manually opened to allow oil to flow back to tank when cylinder retracts. V-66F: Similar to V-66, but with very fine metering capability for precise flow control.

Pressure Relief Valve

V-152: Limits pressure developed by the pump in hydraulic circuit, thus limiting the force imposed on other components. Valve opens whenever preset pressure is reached. To increase pressure setting, turn handle clockwise. Includes:

  • 0.9 m return line hose kit
  • ±3% repeatability
  • 55-700 bar adjustment range.
Sequence Valve

V-161: To control oil flow to a secondary circuit. Flow is blocked until system pressure rises to the V-161 setting. When this pressure level is reached, the V-161 opens to allow flow to the secondary circuit. A pressure differential is always maintained between the primary and secondary circuit.

Min. operating pressure: 140 bar

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