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“Shorty” Spring-Return Cylinders
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Model # Description Price
RSS1002 Cyl, 100 Ton 2-1/4" Stroke $1,295.40
RSS1002D Cyl, 100 Ton 1-1/2" Stroke $2,072.30
RSS101 Cyl, 10 Ton 1-1/2" Stroke $430.95
RSS202 Cyl, 20 Ton 1-3/4" Stroke $637.50
RSS2503 250 Ton 3" Stroke Cylinder $5,112.75
RSS302 Cyl, 30 Ton 2-7/16" Stroke $719.10
RSS502 Cyl, 50 Ton 2-3/8" Stroke $879.75

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“Shorty” Spring-Return Cylinders
“Shorty” Spring-Return Cylinders


  • For working pressures to 10,000 psi. Capacities of 10 to 250 tons, stroke lengths of 1.50" to 3.00".
  • Heavy duty return spring on all models except RSS1002D (which is double-acting) provides fast piston return; low collapsed height of this series is ideal for jobs having limited clearance. Coupler on 10 thru 50 ton models is angled upward 5° for added clearance.
  • Grooved piston top keeps load from sliding.
  • Fully comply with ASME B30.1 standard.
  • Bronze plated piston rods and gland nuts resist scoring and corrosion. Cylinders can be “dead-ended” at full capacity.
  • Optional swivel caps reduce the effects of off-center loading. Cribbing block accessories also available to give stable load support and increase cylinder stroke.
  • Removable carrying handles on 100 and 250 ton models.
  • Selected “RSS” series cylinders have the exclusive Power Tech surface treatment, providing corrosion and abrasion resistance.

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