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80, 100, 150, & 200 Ton - Roll-Bed ® Presses
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Model # Description Price
RB10013S Press, 100 Ton Roll-Bed $29,049.60
RB15013S Press, 150 Ton Roll-Bed $31,447.45
RB20013S PRESS, ELEC, 200 TON ROLL-BED, DBL $33,773.05
RB8013S Press, 80 Ton Roll-Bed $24,206.30

View product specifications for the 80, 100, 150, & 200 Ton - Roll-Bed ® Presses.

80, 100, 150, & 200 Ton - Roll-Bed ® Presses
80, 100, 150, and 200 Ton
Roll-Bed ® Presses


  • The original, patented Roll-Bed ® design. Bed rolls out for easy loading and unloading with a crane or other lifting device.
  • Movable workhead glides easily side-to-side for full off-center load capacity across width of upper frame.
  • “Daylight” is 50.50" x 60.00" for 80 and 100 ton models; 51.25" x 64.00" on 150 and 200 ton presses.
  • Fast approach of double-acting, 13.13" stroke cylinder is provided by PQ1204S “Quiet” electric/ hydraulic pump with remote control hand switch. Operator can view work from all sides with fingertip control of cylinder piston travel.

Press Features:
  • Roll-Bed ® design
    Bed glides in or out on bearings to make loading and unloading fast, easy.
  • Adjustable lower bed width
    For secure balancing and centering of heavy jobs. Loosen adjusting bolts to adjust bed from 4.00" to more than 27.00". See dimension “H”.
  • Movable workhead
    For off-center pressing jobs, workhead moves on bearings across upper bolster. Presses can be used at full capacity, regardless of where workhead is placed.
  • Lifting mechanism
    Simply turn crank handle to raise or lower upper bolster. Screw mechanism raises or lowers both sides evenly (a heavy duty 0.50" drill motor can replace handle for automatic adjustment). Four locking pins hold bolster in place for pressing.


Heavy-duty Straightening Fixtures

Make straightening jobs easy and accurate to within .004"! Rollers are ball bearing mounted and handle raises or lowers for easy turning of the work.
No. SF50 – Fixtures for use with 80 ton Roll-Bed presses or 55 ton heavy-duty shop presses. (2 ea.). Wt. 104 lbs. Not part of press assembly – order separately.
No. SF150 – Fixtures for use with 100, 150 and 200-ton Roll-Bed presses and 100 ton shop presses only (1 pr.). Wt. 196 lbs. Not part of press assembly – order separately.

NOTE: Accessories are available.

Pump Electrical Specification

PQ120 Series – 3 hp, 460 volt, 60 cycle, three phase. Available in 220/380 volt, 50 cycle, add suffix “-380” to order no.

NOTE: To order press with a 230 volt, 60 cycle, single phase pump, order press less PQ1204S. Order pump No. PQ604S separately.

NOTE: Different voltage and valve options can be obtained by substituting certain PA, PE or PQ series pumps. Consult the factory.

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