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55 Ton Capacity Universal Puller
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Model # Description Price
350593 Adapter $150.45
350594 Adpater, Pushing $146.20
350637 Adapter, Pushing $158.95
PH553C Enforcer, 55 Ton $17,789.65
PH553C13 Enforcer, 55 Ton $18,267.35
PH553CL13 Enforcer, 55 Ton $19,907.85

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55 Ton Capacity Universal Puller
55 Ton Capacity Universal Puller

  • Turns challenging heavy duty pulling jobs into routine tasks.
  • Super Grip-O-Matic ® jaws: The harder the pull, the tighter the grip!
  • Unique, multifunction hydraulic system con-trols jaw adjustment and actual pulling. Provides self-centering feature.

Operation is this easy:
  • 1. Wheel the portable puller up to the job. Position puller with a few easy strokes of the manual hydraulic pump, and plug in the electric/hydraulic pump.
  • 2. Actuate pump to bring jaws securely into engagement with part to be pulled, and install proper pushing adapter.
  • 3. Make sure the part being removed is supported using a sling, crane or other lifting device.
  • 4. Wrap the work in one of Power Team’s protective blankets and apply force.
  • 5. Enforcer 55 has a self-centering characteristic. As puller jaws are hydraulically closed and pushing cylinder contacts end of shaft, puller assembly begins to be pushed away from shaft and puller jaws grip edge of work-piece, automatically centering the puller.

Conversion Kit
No. 251468
– Kit converts PH553C series to PH553CL series. Jaws are 12.00" longer. Kit contains three jaws and six straps with guards. Wt. 250 lbs.

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