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Gasoline Engine Pumps
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Model # Description Price
PG1200M-4 Pump, Gas 4 Cycle $8,808.55
PG1200M-4D Gasoline Driven Pump, 400 Cu. In. Delivery $9,009.15
PG1203 Gasoline Driven Pump, 400 Cu. In. Delivery $6,023.10
PG1204 Pump, Gas 4 Cycle $5,947.45
PG1204S Pump, Gas 4 Cycle $8,494.05
PG120HM Pump, Gas 4 Cycle $6,785.55
PG303 PUMP, GAS, 30 CU IN/MIN, 10kPSI, 2 GAL $3,429.75
PG304 PUMP, GAS, 30 CU IN/MIN, 10kPSI, 2 GAL $3,353.25
PG4004 Gasoline Driven Pump, 400 Cu. In. Delivery contact us
PG4004S Pump, Gas 4 Cycle contact us
PG553 Pump, Gas 4 Cycle $4,528.80
PG554 Pump, Gas 4 Cycle $4,528.80

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Gasoline Engine Pumps
Hydraulic Gasoline Engine Pumps


  • Ideal for construction, structure moving and rigging applications.
  • A logical choice at work sites where electricity or compressed air are unavailable. For single- or double-acting cylinders at operating pressures to 10,000 psi.
  • All gasoline engine/hydraulic pumps feature “Posi-Check” valve to guard against pressure loss when valve is shifted from “advance” to “hold”.

PG553 and PG554
Powered by a 4 hp, 4-cycle Briggs & Stratton engine. Has a 5 gallon reservoir.
PG553 has a 9520 3-way valve for single-acting cylinders.
PG554 has a 9506 4-way valve for double-acting cylinders.

High output Hydraulic Power Packages (PG120 series)
Powered by a Honda 4-cycle, 5.5 hp engine with automatic decompression and electronic ignition. Deliver over 1/2 gallon (130 cu. in.) of oil at 10,000 psi. A 5 gallon reservoir means adequate capacity for multi-cylinder applications. Dual element air cleaner protects engine from dusty environments.
Heavy duty “roll cage” provides pick-up points for lifting. Horizontal bars on PG1203, PG1204 and PG1204S protect unit, provide hand holds for carrying. Rubber anti-skid insulation on bottom of reservoir resists skidding, dampens vibration. PG1200M-4 and PG1200M-4D include a pump cart with 12.00" wheels.
Adjustable external pressure regulator is featured.

PG1203, PG1204 and PG1204S
PG1203 has 9520 3-way/3- position (tandem center) valve for single-acting cylinders. PG1204 has a 9506 4-way/3- position (tandem center) valve for double-acting cylinders. PG1204S has a 9516 4-way solenoid valve with 25 foot remote control cord, and is for double-acting cylinders.

For single-acting cylinders. Has 9520 3-way/3-position (tandem center) valve, 9596 load lowering valve and 9644 4-port manifold with individual needle valves at each port. Has a 9796 coupler and 9797 dust cap at each port. Valving permits precise individual control of up to four cylinders.
A 9052 heavy duty, fluid filled pressure gauge (0-10,000 psi) is included.

PG1200M-4D and PG120HM
For single- or double-acting cylinders with precise individual control of up to four cylinders possible. Equipped same as PG1200M-4, except has 9506 4-way/3-position (tandem center) valve, and second 4-port manifold without needle valves mounted beneath 9644 manifold for operating double-acting cylinders.
PG120HM has same functional features, but without “roll cage” and cart. A compact unit developed especially for the house mover industry.

PG4004 Maximum output Hydraulic Power Package
Ideal for single or multiple cylinder applications. Has a 4- cycle, 18 hp Briggs & Stratton engine and 20 gallon reservoir (17 gallons usable) with low oil level sight gauge. Steel “roll cage” protects pump, has a lifting hook; 4.00" dia. swivel casters provide mobility. Delivers 400 cu. in. of oil at maximum operating pressure.
Has a 9506 4-way valve. On/off switch and speed control are protected by a panel. Sturdy molded case protects battery (not included).

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