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Enerpac- PE Series, Submerged Electric Pumps 559kb

PE Series, Submerged Electric Pumps
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Model # Description Price
PED-1101B Submerged Pump, 115V $4,023.05
PEJ-1201B Submerged Pump, VMP Valve $3,583.60
PEJ-1301B Submerged Pump, VMF Valve $3,704.30
PEJ-1401B Submerged Pump, VMC Valve $3,704.30
PEM-1201B Submerged Pump, VMP Valve $3,262.30
PEM-1301B Submerged Pump, VMF Valve $3,383.85
PEM-1401B Submerged Pump, VMC Valve $3,383.85
PER-1301B Submerged Pump, VMF Valve $6,114.90
PER-1401B Submerged Pump, VEC Valve $6,114.90
pes-1201b Submerged Pump, VMP Valve, P.S. $4,470.15
PES-1401B Submerged Pump, VMC Valve P.S. $4,588.30

PE Series, Submerged Electric Pumps


  • Two-speed operation reduces cycle times for improved productivity
  • Powerful .5 hp induction motor is submerged in the oil reservoir to run cooler, protect the motor, simplify the pump     interface, save space and reduce noise
  • Large 1.5 gallon reservoir allows operation of a wide range of cylinders
  • 24 VDC remote pendant control on certain models for safer operation
  • Externally adjustable relief valve allows control of operating pressure without opening the pump
  • 40-micron internal return line filter keeps oil clean, promoting longer pump life
  • Full length side tube for easy monitoring of oil level

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