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PE55 Series
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Model # Description Price
PE552 Pump, Elec 110/115V 50/60HZ $3,475.65
PE552A Pump, Elec 110/115V 50/60HZ $3,554.70
PE552S Pump, Elec 115V 60HZ $4,340.95
PE553 Pump, Elec 110/115V 50/60HZ $4,242.35
PE554 Pump, Elec 110/115V 50/60HZ $4,295.90
PE554P PUMP,E 55 CU IN/MIN, 110/115VAC,50/60HZ $4,081.70
PE554PT Pump, Elec 110/115V 50/60HZ $4,435.30
PE554S Pump, Elec 115V 60HZ $5,451.90
PE554T Pump, Elec 110/115V 50/60HZ $4,081.70
PE554W PUMP, ELEC/HYD - 110/115V 50/60HZ $4,579.80

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PE55 Series
Hydraulic Electric Pumps
Vanguard® PE55 & PED25 Series


  • Two-speed high performance. Forty years of reliability and constant improvement make Vanguard ® pumps a mainstay worldwide. Some original pumps are still in service!
  • Designed for operating pressures to 10,000 psi. CSA rated for intermittent duty. High noise level of 90-95 dBA.

PE55 Series

  • Has 1 1/8 hp, 12,000 rpm, 110/115 volt, 50/60 Hz universal motor; draws 25 amps at full load, starts at reduced voltage.
  • Internal relief valve preset at 10,000 psi, 2 1/2 gallon metal reservoir. All have 10 foot remote motor control except PE552S which has a 25 foot remote motor and valve control.

For operating single-acting cylinders:
No. PE552—Has 9582 3- way/2-position valve for “advance” and “return”.
No. PE552S—Same as PE552 except has 9579 3-way /2- position solenoid operated valve.
No. PE552A—Same as PE552 except has an automatic “dump” valve. Not for lifting jobs.
No. PE553—Has 9520 3- way/3-position tandem center valve with “Posi-Check” for “advance”, “hold” and “return”. “Posi-Check” guards against pressure loss when shifting from “advance” to “hold” position.

For operating double-acting cylinders:
No. PE554—Has 9506 4- way/3-position tandem center valve with “Posi-Check” which guards against pressure loss when shifting from “advance” or “return” positions to “hold”.
No. PE554T—Same as PE554 except has 9500 4-way/3 position tandem center valve for “advance”, “hold” and “return” functions.
No. PE554PT—Same as PE554T, except has a 9628 valve for pre-stressing and post tensioning.
No. PE554S—Has 9592 3/4- way/2-position solenoid valve; holds pressure in the extend position with pump motor shut off.

For operating hydraulic crimping and cutting tools:
No. PE554C—Has 9511 4- way/3-position valve which allows alternate and independent operation of two different spring return tools. Holds pressure only while valve is in “A” or “B” port position with pump motor shut off.

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