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PE46 Series Pumps
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Model # Description Price
PE462 Pump, Elec 115V 60HZ $3,696.65
PE462A Pump, Elec 115V 60HZ $4,205.80
PE462S Pump, Elec 115V 60HZ $4,896.85
PE464 Pump, Elec 115V 60HZ $4,369.00
PE464S Pump, Elec 115V 60HZ $5,708.60

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PE46 Series Pumps
Hydraulic Electric Pumps
PE46 Series Pumps


  • Two-speed high performance in a lightweight, compact package.
  • For use with single- or double-acting cylinders at operating pressures to 10,000 psi.
  • Equipped with a 1 1/2 hp, 3,450 rpm single phase, 60 Hz thermal protected induction motor that starts under full load. Noise level of 77-81 dBA.
  • CSA rated for intermittent duty.
  • All equipped with a 10 foot remote control except PE462S which has a 25 foot remote control.

For operating single-acting cylinders:
No. PE462—Has 9584 3- way/2-position valve providing “advance” and “return” functions.
No. PE462S—Similar to PE462 but has solenoid operated 9579 3-way/2-position valve that controls “advance” and “return” functions. Equipped with a 24 volt, 25 foot remote motor and valve control.
No. PE462A—Has 9610 3- way/2-position, pilot-operated “dump” valve. When pump is started, pilot oil automatically closes valve and oil is directed to cylinder. When pump is stopped, valve automatically opens and oil returns to reservoir.

For operating single- or double-acting cylinders:
No. PE464—Has 9500 4- way/3-position valve providing “advance”, “hold” and “return” functions on double-acting or multiple single-act-ing cylinders.
No. PE464S—Has a solenoid operated 9592 3/4way/2-position valve which controls the “advance” and “return” functions.

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