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PE18 Series Pumps
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Model # Description Price
PE182 Pump, Elec 110/115V 50/60HZ $2,890.00
PE183 PUMP,E 18 CU IN/MIN, 110/115VAC, 50/60HZ $2,944.40
PE183-2 Pump, Elec 110/115V 50/60HZ $3,098.25
PE183A Pump, Elec 110/115V 50/60HZ $2,894.25
PE183C Pump, Elec 110/115V 50/60HZ $4,381.75
PE184 PUMP,E 18 CU IN/MIN, 110/115VAC, 50/60HZ $2,993.70
PE184-2 Pump, Elec 110/115V 50/60HZ $3,247.85
PE184C Pump, Elec 110/115V 50/60HZ $3,658.40

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PE18 Series Pumps
Hydraulic Electric Pumps
Vanguard Jr. ® Pumps


  • Vanguard Jr. ® pumps provide two-speed high performance in a light-weight, compact pack-age. Ideal for use with small hydraulically powered tools.
  • For use with single- or double-acting cylinders at operating pressures to 10,000 psi. Gauge port provided on pump. Metal reservoir on all models.
  • Equipped with a 1/2 hp, 110/115 volt, 60/50 Hz single phase motor that starts under load, even at reduced voltage.
    Low amperage draw permits use with smaller generators and low amperage circuits.
  • All pumps have a 10 foot remote control except PE183C which has 25 foot remote control.
  • CSA rated for intermittent duty. High noise level of 85-90 dBA.

For operating single-acting cylinders:
No. PE182—Has 2-way valve for “advance” and “return” functions. Turn motor off for “hold” with valve in “advance” position. Has 1/2 gallon reservoir.
No. PE183—Same as PE182 except has a 3-way valve providing “advance”, “hold” and “return” functions.
No. PE183-2—Same as PE183 except has a 2 1/2 gallon reservoir.
No. PE183A—Similar to PE182 except has an automatic “dump” valve providing “advance” and “return” functions. Not for lifting applications.

For operating double-acting cylinders:
No. PE184—Has 4-way valve providing “advance”, “hold” and “return” functions. Has 1/2 gallon reservoir.
No. PE184-2—Same as PE184 except has 2 1/2 gallon reservor.

For operating hydraulic crimping, cutting or other tools:
No. PE183C—For crimping or pressing applications. Has special electrical circuitry to pulse/advance, hold at full pressure, build to a predetermined pressure, release and reset circuit. Has a 24 volt control and dual switch housing containing a pump control switch and separate emergency return switch. Has 1/2 gallon reservoir.
No. PE184C—Allows you to alternately operate a spring-return cutting and/or crimping tool without disconnecting either tool. Select port connection with manual 4-way valve, start pump with remote control hand switch and extend connected tool. When hand switch is switched to off, pump stops and automatic valve opens, allowing tool to return. In center (neutral) position, manual control valve holds tool in position it’s in at time valve is shifted. Has 10 foot heavy duty remote switch.

DC conversion kit*
Order kit No. 205601 to convert PE18 series pumps from 115/230 volt AC to 115/230 volt DC. Kit includes a heavy-duty ON/OFF switch for both AC and DC voltage hook-ups. * For use only with PE182, PE183, PE184 and PE184-2 when no remote control is used.

With these pumps, the low-pressure, high-volume stage provides fast cylinder piston travel. When high force is needed, the high-pressure, low-volume stage takes command. The performance curve indicates the oil delivery at various pressure levels.

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