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Power Team PC200

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Universal Pump Cart & Roll Cage
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Model # Description Price
PC200 Cart, Pump $795.60
RC5 Cage, Roll $425.85

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Universal Pump Cart & Roll Cage

Universal Pump Cart


Mobilize your hydraulic pumps with the PC200. The rugged tubular frame can easily handle pumps weighing up to 200 lbs. With 12 in. wheels, the cart rolls easily. Just load the pump onto the cart and wheel it right to the job. The universal mounting hole pattern lets you handle a wide variety of Power Team pumps.
No. PC200 – Universal pump cart with 12 in. wheels. Cart can be used with the following pumps: PA60, PA64 and PA554 air/hydraulic pumps; PE55 series, PE183-2 and PE184-2 electric/hydraulic pumps; PE21, PQ60 and PQ120 series “Quiet” pumps; PG55 series gas engine/ hydraulic pumps; and pumps with optional 5- and 10-gallon reservoirs Nos. RP50, RP51, RP101 and RP103. Wt., 27 lbs.
No. PC200RC – Roll cage for use with PC200. (Cannot be used on pumps with 10 gallon reservoirs.) Wt., 36 lbs.

Protective Pump Roll Cage


Safeguards pump, gas engine and valves on the job site. Horizontal bars provide conve-nient hand holds for carrying pump, a pick-up point permits lifting unit with an overhead crane or other device. Standard equipment on PG1203 and PG1204. Can be ordered as an option with any other gas, air, or electrically driven hydraulic pump equipped with a 5-gallon reservoir. Note: Refer to PG1203/PG1204 specification chart for dimensions of roll cage.
No. RC5 – Roll cage. Wt., 19.5 lbs.

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