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Turbo Air Hydraulic Pumps
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Model # Description Price
PAT-1102N Turbo II Pump, 3-Way Treadle, 2 Litre $803.25
PAT-1105N Turbo II Pump, 3-Way Treadle, 4.2 Litre $915.45

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Turbo Air Hydraulic Pumps
PAT, PAM Series
Reservoir Capacity: 150 and 305 in3
Flow at Rated Pressure: 8 in3/min
Air Consuption: 12 scfm
Operating Pressure: 10,000 psi

  • Turbo feature utilizes exhaust air to help power the pump, developing 10,000 psi hydraulic pressure with only 80 psi air pressure
  • Patented Air Saver feature for lower air consumption and lower operating costs
  • Air exhaust muffler for quieter operation and reduced operator fatigue
  • Return-to-tank port for use in remote valve applications
  • Air and oil inlet filters for reduced risk of damage from contamination
  • Extensive use of engineered plastics for lightweight corrosion resistance and durability
  • Internal pressure relief valve for overload protection

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