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Nyton Series
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Model # Description Price
KNRS-12-SLP 12 Ton Nyton Roller Set $2,121.30
KNRS-2-2S 2 Ton Nyton Roller Set $898.20
KNRS-2-4S 2 Ton Nyton Roller Set $957.60
KNRS-24-SLP 24 Ton Nyton Roller Set $2,455.20
KNRS-4-2S 4 Ton Nyton Roller Set $1,242.00
KNRS-4-4S 4 Ton Nyton Roller Set $1,299.60
KNRS-8-SLP 8 Ton Nyton Roller Set $1,813.50
NRS-12-SLP 12 Ton Nyton Roller Set $1,994.40
NRS-2-2S 2 Ton Nyton Roller Set $815.40
NRS-2-4S 2 Ton Nyton Roller Set $1,218.60
NRS-24-SLP 24 Ton Nyton Roller Set $2,327.40
NRS-40-SLP 40 Ton Nyton Roller Set $3,518.10
NRS-4-2S 4 Ton Nyton Roller Set $1,161.00
NRS-4-4S 4 Ton Nyton Roller Set $1,218.60
NRS-8-SLP 8 Ton Nyton Roller Set $1,688.40

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Nyton Series
Deluxe Kit Capacities: 2-24 Tons
Complete Set Capacities: 2-40 Tons

  • Nyton Chain Rollers Protect Modern Factory Floors
  • Roll On Painted Or Coated Concrete Or Special Industrial And Commercial Floors
  • Included: 4 Swivel Or Swivel-Locking Padded Nyton Rollers And 2 Steering Handles
  • Kits Are Complete With Steel Storage Case; Sets Are Without Case
  • In Some Cases, Additional Protection May Be Necessary

Need to move heavy equipment on new, painted or special floors? Hilman Nyton Roller Kits and Sets are ideal. The chain rolls are made of a high impact Nylon that is forgiving to special floors. To further protect floors, all Nyton Roller tops are padded. This helps to ensure that the entire chain footprint contacts the floor. Everything needed to roll heavy equipment in show rooms, laboratories, schools and modern factories is included in the Delux Nyton Kit. Sets are provided without Kit case.

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