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4 Ton Roller Sets
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Model # Description Price
KBRD-4N 4 Ton Nylon Wheels, Ridgid Diamond Top $742.50
KBRD-4P 4 Ton Poly Wheels, Ridgid Diamond Top $704.70
KBSD-4N 4 Ton Nylon Wheels, Swivel Diamond Top $668.70
KBSD-4P 4 Ton Poly Wheels, Swivel Diamond Top $632.70
KBSD-4S 4 Ton Steel Wheels, Swivel Diamond Top $849.60
KBSP-4N 4 ton Nylon Wheels, Swivel Padded Top $681.30
KBSP-4P 4 Ton Poly Wheels, Swivel Padded Top $647.10
KBSP-4S 4 Ton Steel Wheels, Swivel Padded top $865.80
KNRD-4S 4 Ton Steel Wheels, Ridgid Diamond Top $828.00

4 Ton Roller Sets

The Bull Dolly Roller was designed to be a lightweight, cost effective solution for moving
heavy equipment. Anything such as large chillers, condensors and machinery can be moved
safely and effectively. Special nylon wheels are designed to resist marring your floors and combined with the
turntable, to accommodate any turns that you may require. A lock enables the units to be used
as swivel or ridgid top dollies. A "diamond" style top plate ensures a non-slip surface, though a neoprene
pad should be utilized in addition.

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