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Pow'r-Riser II Railrcar Jacks - Air Operated
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Model # Description Price
JA10026 See Enerpac PRAMA10016L contact us
JA6024 See Enerpac PRAMA06014L $15,474.40
JA6037 See Enerpac PRAMA06027L $18,297.60
JAS10026 See Enerpac PRASA10016L $17,849.60
JAS10037 See Enerpac PRASA10027L $20,680.00
JAS15026 See Enerpac PRASA15016L $19,101.60
JAS15037 See Enerpac PRASA15027L $21,353.60
JAS20026 See Enerpac PRASA20016L $23,557.60
JAS20037 See Enerpac PRASA20027L $28,120.00

View product specifications for the Pow'r-Riser II Railrcar Jacks - Air Operated.

Pow'r-Riser II Railrcar Jacks - Air Operated
Simplex Pow'r-Risers are used to pick up the largest earth
haulers in the world. "We use the Simplex jack due to its easy
tranport and the many optional extensions and lock rings that
gives us the safe use required in the mining operations."

  • 24", 26", & 37" Minumum Heights.
  • 60, 100, 150, 200 ton capacities to handle the toughest jobs
  • Sup'r-Stack extension system gives the jack a wide variety of minimum heights.
  • 3 position handle for easy tilit back and rolling.
  • 4" ground clearance for roough terrain.
  • Mechanical lock rings for fail safe loading.
  • Easy to change external filter minimizes down time.
  • Only 24" wide/fits in tight spots.
  • Air pilot or 24 VAC pendant with 20' cord for remote operator safety
  • Dual hydrualic locking systems prevent creep down.
  • Equipped with a pilot opeerated check valve which locks the load in place to prevent accidental lowering.
  • Rugged, fully enclosed frame; no exposed fittings or hoses.
  • Runs on air or 115 VAC, 15 AMP service.
  • Automatically controlled, "chatterfree"load lowering.
  • All Pow'r-Riser II models comply with AMSE/ANSI B30.1 Spec's.

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