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Hydraulic Nut Splitter - 15 Ton & 25 Ton
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Model # Description Price
308840 Blade, Nut Splitter $181.90
HNS150 Splitter, Nut 15 Ton $1,246.95
HNS225 Splitter, Nut 25 Ton $1,978.80

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Hydraulic Nut Splitter - 15 Ton & 25 Ton
Hydraulic Nut Splitter - 15 Ton


Now you can simply "dial-in" the size of the nut you want to split, without the worry of damaging the bolt. Just align the mark on the cutter blade with the scale on the frame of the splitter. The specially designed "tool" steel cutter blade penetrates the nut to the precise point where it cracks. And because the cutter blade is preset, it mechanically stops short of the bolt threads. The nut splitter features a dramatically improved cutter blade with an 800% greater resistance to chipping and breaking over previous models. The new design allows you to rotate the blade 180 degree within the frame. This allows you to use both sides of the cutter blade, and in fact, doubles the life of the cutter blade. The HNS150 features a rugged one-piece cutting frame coupled to a heavy-duty swiveling hydraulic cylinder. With its compact size, you can use it in confined areas where it will deliver up to 15 tons of force, enough to split the toughest "fused" or rusted-on grade 2H nuts used on top of 3/4" dia. bolts. (1 1/8" hex size). The softer SAE grade 2 nuts up to 1" bolt size (1 1/2" hex size) are easily cut.

No. HNS150 - 15 ton hydraulic nut splitter. Comes with a No. 9796 half coupler. Wt., 8.1 lbs.

No. 308840 - Replacement cutter blade for HNS150 (not covered by warranty). Wt., .7 lb.

Hydraulic Nut Splitter - 25 Ton


For use on 1 1/8" to 2 1/4" hex nuts, this splitter has the power to crack the toughest big nuts. The specially designed heat-treated blade is pushed into the nut, cracking it and expanding it. A second cut opposite from the first may be used to separate the nut into halves for easy removal. When job is completed, the blade returns to the starting position.

No. HNS225 - 360 degree swivel body, 25 ton capacity nut splitter with blade. Comes with C252C hydraulic cylinder. For use on 1 1/8" to 2 1/4" hex nuts. Length: 14 1/2". Wt., 29 lbs.

No. 308022 - Replacement cutter blade (not covered by warranty). Wt., 1 lbs.

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