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Enerpac- EP-Series, Posi Lock Mechanical Grip Pullers 535kb

EP-Series, Posi Lock Mechanical Grip Pullers
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Model # Description Price
EP-104 Manual Puller $215.05
EP-106 Manual Puller $277.95
EP-108 Manual Puller $355.30
EP-110 Manual Puller $392.70
EP-113 Manual Puller contact us
EP-116 Manual Puller $1,066.75
EP-204 Manual Puller $179.35
EP-206 Manual Puller $248.20
EP-208 Manual Puller $310.25
EP-210 Manual Puller $332.35
EP-213 Manual Puller $648.55
EP-216 Manual Puller $832.15

EP-Series, Posi Lock Mechanical Grip Pullers


  • Patented Safety Cage jaw retention system
  • Roll threaded shafts for less effort when applying high torque
  • Slim tapered jaws for improved gripping in tight spots
  • Available in 2 and 3 jaw design and inside and outside pulling configuration
  • More efficient pulling, as one man can do the job where manual pullers often require two operators

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