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Enerpac- E-Series, Manual Torque Multipliers 690kb

E-Series, Manual Torque Multipliers
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Model # Description Price
E290PLUS Torque Multiplier Bar, 750 ft-lbs. $621.35
E291 Torque Multiplier Bar, 1000 ft-lbs. $770.10
E391 Torque Multiplier Bar, 1200 ft-lbs. $1,085.45
E392 Torque Wrench Pump, 2200 Volt, 4L $1,891.25
E393 Torque Multiplier Bar, 3200 ft-lbs. $2,481.15
E492 Torque Multiplier Plate, 2200 ft-lbs. $5,034.55
E493 Torque Multiplier Plate, 3200 ft-lbs. $5,914.30
E494 Torque Multiplier Plate, 5000 ft-lbs. $7,049.05
E495 Torque Multiplier Plate, 8000 ft-lbs. $7,565.00

E-Series, Manual Torque Multipliers


  • High-efficiency planetary gear sets achieve high output torque from low input torque
  • Most models operator protected by anti-backlash device
  • Multiplier output accuracy ± 5% of input torque
  • Reversible, tighten or loosen bolts
  • Reaction bar or reaction plate type
  • Angle-of-turn protractor standard on E300 series models
  • Reaction plate models offer increased versatility with reaction point locations
  • E300 and E400 series replaceable shear drives provide overload protection of internal power train
        (one replacement shear drive is included)

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