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Hydraulic "C" Clamps
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Model # Description Price
cc10 Clamp, C 10 Ton $710.60
cc25 25 Ton Clamp $1,218.05
cc5 Clamp, C 5 Ton $342.55

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Hydraulic "C" Clamps
Hydraulic "C" Clamps


Offered in the 5, 10, and 25 ton capacity. Used with Power Team "C" series hyd. cylinders of comparable capacity.

Typical applications of these new units include clamping, pressing, and bending operations. Especially useful in welding and metal fabrication industries to aid in fit-up of sheet or plate steel. Each "C" clamp is designed to withstand full rated capacity of the cylinder for which it's intended. To minimize the effect of off-center loading, the CC5, CC10 and CC25 clamps are designed to be used with the 350144 and 350145 swivel caps. On the CC10 and CC25, swivel caps can be mounted in the base of the "C" clamp, in the end of the cylinder piston rod, or both locations, if desired. On the CC5, the base is designed to accept the 350144 10-ton capacity swivel cap. No swivel cap is available to fit the rod end of the 5-ton "C" series cylinder itself.

Power Team recommends using flange spreaders in pairs to provide even spreading force. P55, P59, P157, PA6 or PE(PR)102 is suggested as a suitable pump for powering the HFS3A or HFS6A Hydraulic Flange Spreaders.

CC5 - "C" clamp, 5-ton cap., less hydraulic cylinder. Wt., 25 lbs

CC10 - "C" clamp, 10-ton cap., less hydraulic cylinder. Wt., 50 lbs

CC25 - "C" clamp, 25-ton cap., less hydraulic cylinder. Wt., 65 lbs

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