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Enerpac CC-1255

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Enerpac- HXD-Series, Hexagon Cassette Wrenches 199kb

HXD-120 Series, Metric Cassettes
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Model # Description Price
CC-12100 HXD120 Hex Cassette, 100mm $6,384.35
CC-1255 HXD120 Hex Cassette, 55mm $5,160.35
CC-1260 HXD120 Hex Cassette, 60mm $5,160.35
CC-1265 HXD120 Hex Cassette, 65mm $5,160.35
CC-1270 HXD120 Hex Cassette, 70mm $5,637.20
CC-1275 HXD120 Hex Cassette, 75mm $5,637.20
CC-1280 HXD120 Hex Cassette, 80mm $5,637.20
CC-1285 HXD120 Hex Cassette, 85mm $6,384.35
CC-1290 HXD120 Hex Cassette, 90mm $6,384.35
CC-1295 HXD120 Hex Cassette, 95mm $6,384.35

HXD-120 Series, Metric Cassettes


*Torque Wrench Selection in 3 steps:

  • 1. Drive Unit Select the HXD Drive Unit

  • 2. Cassette Select the appropriate CC-cassette From this page

  • 3. Optional Add on Imperial Reducer Inserts and Holding Rings or Metric Reducer Inserts and Holding Rings

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