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Arbor, C-Clamp and Bench Frame Presses
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Model # Description Price
A-205 5 Ton C-Clamp $370.60
A-210 10 Ton C-Clamp $774.35
A-220 20 Ton C-Clamp $1,326.85
A-310 10 Ton Arbor Press Frame $1,831.75
A-330 30 Ton Arbor Press Frame $2,641.80

View product specifications for the Arbor, C-Clamp and Bench Frame Presses.

Arbor, C-Clamp and Bench Frame Presses
A, IP Series
Capacity: 5-30 tons
Max. Daylight x Width: 16.50-16.00 inch
Mounting Capabilities: Fixed or Portable
Max. Op. Pres.: 10,000 psi

Arbor Press

  • Foot mounting holes for horizontal or vertical positioning
  • Machined work surfaces for easier fixturing
  • Slotted back to simplify loading and unloading of longer parts
C-Clamp Press
  • 5, 10, and 20 ton capacity
  • Operational in all positions
Bench Frame Press
  • Cylinder mounting adaptor allows lateral positioning along rails
  • Mounting holes for easy mounting to fixed surfaces

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