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3/4-way, 2-position Solenoid
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Model # Description Price
9552 VALVE, PM, SOLENOID, 3/4W 2P $1,613.30
9572 VALVE, PM, SOLENOID, 3/4W 2P $1,668.55
9592 VALVE, PM, SOLENOID, 3/4W 2P $1,499.38

3/4-way, 2-position Solenoid


  • Application - Single or double-acting cylinders. When used with single-acting cylinders, one port should be plugged.
  • Actuation - Solenoid operated.
  • Functions - Oil is directed to extend side of cylinder, oil from "retract" side goes to reservoir; cylinder "holds" with pump     shut off.
  • Oil is directed to "retract" side of cylinder; oil from "extend" side goes to reservoir.
  • NOTE: Cylinder will not "hold" in the "return" position with motor running or shut off.
  • Used on these pumps - 9552, 9572 and 9592 are used with PE17, PE30 (with carrying handles removed), PE46, PE55,     PE84, PE90, PE200, PE400, PQ60 and PQ120 series.
  • 10,000 PSI., 3/8" PORTS, 5 GPM MAX FLOW RATE.

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