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Hydraulic Bottle Jacks
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Model # Description Price
9002A Jack, 2 Ton 4-1/2" Stroke $90.95
9003A Jack, 3 Ton 4-1/2" Stroke $105.40
9005A Jack, 5 Ton 4-3/4" Stroke $129.20
9008A Jack, 8 Ton 4-3/4" Stroke $145.35
9012A Jack, 12 Ton 3-3/4" Stroke $173.40
9015B Jack, 15 Ton 6.1" Stroke $223.55
9020A Jack, 20 Ton 3-3/8" Stroke $242.25
9030A Jack, 30 Ton 6-1/4" Stroke $355.30
9033B Jack, 33 Ton 5.6" Stroke $355.30
9050A Jack, 50 Ton 6-3/4" Stroke $1,076.10
9110B .Jack 12 Ton $2,963.95
9112A Jack, 12 Ton 5-7/8" Stroke $178.50
9120A Jack, 20 Ton 6-1/4" Stroke $242.25

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Hydraulic Bottle Jacks
Hydraulic Bottle Jacks

Features and Benefits

  • Ruggedly built, self-contained jacks offer portable hydraulic power in a lightweight, reliable unit. Comply with ASME B30.1 standard.
  • Many models feature screw extensions. Serrated caps help stabilize the load for a safer lift.
  • Oil leakage is greatly reduced by welding the jack’s pressure cylinder, oil reservoir, pump housing and base into one integrated unit.
  • Fewer working parts, internally machined oil passages and close tolerances set these apart from ordinary bottle jacks.
  • Base is hot forged steel, not cast iron! Greater strength!
  • May be used in vertical, angled and horizontal positions.
  • Oil bypass system limits stroke of jack by routing oil back to reservoir. Other jacks require the high pressure seals on the piston to cross over a bleed hole. Result? Shorter seal life.
  • The 9015B, 9022B, 9033B and 9110B jacks have a unique beveled base which allows jack to “follow” the load laterally as it is raised, greatly reducing side-loading of the piston.
  • “Low profile” models are perfect for “close quarters” lifting. Pump handle operates parallel to the base of the jack; ideal for horizontal applications.

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