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Hydraulic Power Units & Bottle Jacks
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Model # Description Price
5-51010-8 Tall Hand Jack $294.49
5-51901 Tall Hand Jack contact us
5-51902 Tall Hand Jack $246.88
5-51905 Tall Hand Jack $331.25
5-51914 contact us
D-51010-C 3 ton Utility Jack W/Crosshole $226.26
D-51011 3 Ton Hi-Range Jack $175.00
D-51012 5 Ton High Range Jack $175.00
D-51013 8 Ton High Range Jack $178.13
D-51123 5 Ton Standard Hand Jack $168.75
D-51124 8 Ton Standard Hand Jack $182.35
D-51125 12 Ton Standard Hand Jack $162.50
D-51126 20 Ton Standard Hand Jack $264.71
D-51127 30 Ton Standard Hand Jack $406.25
D-56160 8 Ton Trall Tractor Jack contact us

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Hydraulic Power Units & Bottle Jacks
Hydraulic Power Units & Bottle Jacks


These heavy-duty American mad hydraulic hand jacks are built for service life under constant use. They feature heavy-duty cast-iron base (3 to 20 ton) for a wide stance and positive load support. The 30-ton features a machined steel base that is drilled and ported to accept a gauge. All units feature a fluid bypass and a stop ring to prevent damaging overtravel.

Hi-Range models provide up to 33% more lifting height over standard hydraulic models. Hi-Range models also feature larger rams, larger bases and larger pumps than the comparable standard model.

The intended use of all the models is for heavy-duty trucks, farm equipment, building construction, mobile home set-up, and as original equipment for manufacturers for many products. All units are furnished with a two-piece 21" zinc-plated handle (Bottle Jacks only).

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