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Omega Lift Equipment 32035

Heavy Duty Jack Stands
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Model # Description Price
32035 3 Ton Jack Stands (pr) $58.39
32065 6 Ton Jack Stands (pr) $113.26
32125 12 Ton Jack Stands (pr) $158.10

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Heavy Duty Jack Stands
Model No. Capacity

32035 3 Ton

32065 6 Ton

32125 12 Ton

General Features

  • Sturdy welded steel construction for superior safety and strength.

  • One piece multi-position ductile ratchet bar provides super strength and durability, and quick adjustment mechanism that securely locks into desired location.

  • Counter-weighted pawl serves as a safe, secure locking device to prevent the load from accidentally disengaging.

  • Sold and used only in pairs.

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