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OTC 1735

Heavy-Duty Motor-Rotor® Repair Stand, 2,000 lb. Capacity
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Model # Description Price
1735 Heavy Duty Motor-Rotor Repair Stand $1,199.88

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Heavy-Duty Motor-Rotor® Repair Stand, 2,000 lb. Capacity
No. 1735 - Repair stand. Includes four No. 305811 "Adjusta-Grip ® " universal mounting arms. Wt., 265 Ibs.

Here's a heavy-duty repair stand made to mount a wide variety of engines, transmissions, torque converters, and rear axles from trucks, tractors, and construction equipment. Features universal "AdjustaGrip ® " mounting arms that let you to mount an endless variety of components without special adapters being necessary. Component is solidly cradled in the stand, supported from both sides just as it is in the vehicle. Twin-post design, featuring laterally adjustable, three-position outboard support, provides an extremely stable work-holding unit. The 50:1 ratio gearbox allows full rotation of the mounted unit for service with just a turn of the crank ... locks in position. And because the stand is mounted on wheels and casters, it can be easily maneuvered from storage to the work area. Locking rear wheels anchor the stand at the desired work locations. Has 2,000 Ib. capacity.

Made in USA

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