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Repair & Tune Up Kits for I.R. Tools
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Model # Description Price
211-TK2 Tune Up Kit $41.88
212-TK2 Tune Up Kit $35.45
2130-TK1 Tune Up Kit $37.50
2131-TK2 Tune Up Kit $42.87
221-TK2 Tune Up Kit $40.79
231-TK2 Tune Up Kit $19.80
244-TK2 Tune Up Kit $34.35
255A-TK1 Tune Up Kit contact us
261-TK2 Tune Up Kit $68.61
280-TK2 Tune Up Kit $70.68
281-TK1 Tune Up Kit $52.38
285B-TK1 Tune Up Kit $56.82
285-TK1 Tune Up Kit $65.81
290-TK2 Tune Up Kit $70.68
728-TK3 Tune Up Kit $66.45

Repair & Tune Up Kits for I.R. Tools
You can use these popular kits to keep you air impact
tools performing at top power. Save money, too, - the
kit costs less than the individual parts.

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