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Ingersoll Rand pullers and hoists are designed to handle the tough pulling or lifting jobs, with minimal effort by the operator. Whether it's a low-,medium-, or heavy-duty job, you can trust our pullers and hoists to carry the load safely and easily.

The following represents a list of all Ingersoll Rand Hoists products currently on our site. They are listed alphabetically by Model Number. You can also search our catalog by manufacturer, category and/or keyword.

Ingersoll Rand Hoists Cable Pullers
C400HA C Series Ratchet Puller
C Series Ratchet Puller
P15HA P Series Ratchet Pullers
P Series Ratchet Pullers

Lever Chain Hoists
SLB1200-5-A SLB 1200 "Silver" Series Hoist
SLB 1200 "Silver" Series Hoist
SLB150-5-A SLB 150 "Silver" Series Hoist
SLB 150 "Silver" Series Hoist
SLB200-5-A SLB 200 "Silver" Series Hoist
SLB 200 "Silver" Series Hoist
SLB300-5-A SLB 300 "Silver" Series Hoist
SLB 300 "Silver" Series Hoist
SLB600-5-A SLB 600 "Silver" Series Hoist
SLB 600 "Silver" Series Hoist

Manual Chain Hoists
SMB005-10-8VA SMB005 "Silver" Series Hoist
SMB005 "Silver" Series Hoist
SMB010-10-8VA SMB010 "Silver" Series Hoist
SMB010 "Silver" Series Hoist
SMB015-10-8VA SMB015 "Silver" Series Hoist
SMB015 "Silver" Series Hoist
SMB020-10-8VA SMB020 "Silver" Series Hoist
SMB020 "Silver" Series Hoist
SMB030-10-8VA SMB030 "Silver" Series Hoist
SMB030 "Silver" Series Hoist
SMB050-10-8VA SMB050 "Silver" Series Hoist
SMB050 "Silver" Series Hoist

PT005-8A PT Series Trolleys
PT Series Trolleys

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