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NC Series Nut Splitters 246kb

Hydraulic Nut Splitter
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Model # Description Price
NC-1319 Nut Splitter $646.20
NC-1924 Nut Splitter $1,901.70
NC-2432 Nut Splitter $2,456.10
NC-3241 Nut Splitter $3,117.60
NC-4150 Nut Splitter $4,089.60
NC-5060 Nut Splitter 90 Ton $5,898.60
NC-6075 Nut Splittier $8,826.30
NCB-1319 Blade $127.80
NCB-1924 Blade $184.50
NCB-2432 Blade $2,456.10
NCB-3241 Blade $216.00
NCB-5060 Blade $284.40
NCB-6075 Blade $351.00

View product specifications for the Hydraulic Nut Splitter.

Hydraulic Nut Splitter
NC Series
Capacity: 5-90 tons
Bolt Range: .31-2.00 inch
Max. Op. Pres.: 10,000 psi

  • Compact and ergonomic design, easy to use
  • Unique angled head design
  • Single-acting, spring return cylinder
  • Heavy-duty chisels can be reground
  • Applications include servicing trucks, piping industry, tank cleaning, petrochemical, steel construction, mining, etc.

Replacement Blades
  • NCB-1319 Blade
  • NVB-1924 Blade
  • NCB-2432 Blade
  • NCB-3241 Blade
  • NCB-4150 Blade
  • NCB-5060 Blade
  • NCB-6075 Blade

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