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Rivet Busters - 8" and 11" Stroke
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Model # Description Price
CP4160 Rivet Buster - D Handle - 6" Stroke $1,015.00
CP4181DULER Rivet Buster - D Handle - Boyer Valve - 11" Stroke $1,179.50
CP4181DUSER Rivet Buster - D Handle - Boyer Valve - 8" Stroke $822.85
CP4181PULER Rivet Buster - G Handle - Boyer Valve - 11" Stroke $1,179.50
CP4181PUSER Rivet Buster - G Handle - Boyer Valve - 8" Stroke $1,046.50

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Rivet Busters - 8" and 11" Stroke
Originally designed for cutting and forming metal rivets, the CP buster is now used for concrete demolition and has become one of the stars of the CP range. It has a low frequency blow with hitting power equivalent to a paving breaker of twice its weight. The new "V" series includes a stepped piston and step cylinder to prevent accidental ejection of the piston.

The CP 4181 busters offer one of the best power-to-weight ratio on the market, together with a teasing throttle for precise control. The new 'V' model replaces the traditional CP 4181 model 'A' by offering additional safety features such as a stepped piston design with a step cylinder and an additional piston buffer mechanism. Originally designed for removing rivets and other various metal applications, it is now also used for concrete demolition work since it has approximatelly the same hitting power as a 60lbs (30Kg) breaker for half its weight.

  • Special Boyer valve and long piston stroke (8' or 11') to deliver the power to handle the toughest jobs.
  • Teasing throttle for precise control.
  • Forged steel handle for long working life under rugged conditions
  • Hardened steel piston.
  • Stepped cylinder design to prevent accidental ejection of the piston from the cylinder.
  • Special moil points, chisels & special steel for busters must be fitted to withstand the high power of the CP 4181.

It is recommended that you also purchase these additional consumable items with each buster: a polyurethane bumper (P072334), lower sleeve (P072333), and retainer spring (P073942).

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