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Enerpac- CLRG-Series, High Tonnage Cylinders 139kb

CLRG-Series, High Tonnage Cylinders
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Model # Description Price
CLRG-10010 100 Ton Cylinder, D/A $3,044.70
CLRG-10012 100 Ton Cylinder, D/A $3,269.70
CLRG-1002 100 Ton Cylinder, D/A $2,145.60
CLRG-1004 100 Ton Cylinder, D/A $2,372.40
CLRG-1006 100 Ton Cylinder, D/A $2,596.50
CLRG-1008 100 Ton Cylinder, D/A $2,822.40
CLRG-15010 150 Ton Cylinder, D/A $3,698.10
CLRG-15012 150 Ton Cylinder, D/A $3,972.60
CLRG-1502 150 Ton Cylinder, D/A $2,603.70
CLRG-1504 150 Ton Cylinder, D/A $2,879.10
CLRG-1506 150 Ton Cylinder, D/A $3,150.90
CLRG-1508 150 Ton Cylinder, D/A $3,425.40
CLRG-20012 200 Ton Cylinder, D/A $5,028.30
CLRG-2002 200 Ton Cylinder, D/A $3,177.00
CLRG-2006 200 Ton Cylinder, D/A $3,952.80
CLRG-25012 Price on Request contact us
CLRG-2502 Price on Request contact us
CLRG-2506 Price on Request contact us
CLRG-30012 Price on Request contact us
CLRG-3002 Price on Request contact us
CLRG-3006 Price on Request contact us
CLRG-40012 Price on Request contact us
CLRG-4002 Price on Request contact us
CLRG-4006 Price on Request contact us
CLRG-50012 Price on Request contact us
CLRG-5002 Price on Request contact us
CLRG-5006 Price on Request contact us

CLRG-Series, High Tonnage Cylinders
CLR Series
Capacity: 100-1,080 Tons
Stroke: 1.97-11.81 inch
Max. Op. Pres.: 10,000 psi

  • Double-acting, hydraulic return
  • Safety valve in retract side of cylinder, helps to prevent damage in case of accidental over-pressurization
  • Special bearing design withstands side load forces up to 5% of rated cylinder capacity
  • Interchangeable, hardened grooved saddles are standard
  • CR-400 coupler and dust cap included on all models
  • Plunger wiper reduces contamination, extending cylinder life

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